Get questions answered by edX and the Open edX community via our community discussion resources, including mailing lists, chat and Twitter.

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Mailing Lists

We strongly encourage joining one or more of the mailing lists to keep up with what’s happening and participate in community discussions.

openedx-announce: announcements related to Open edX. This includes new releases, backwards-incompatible changes, public security fixes, and so on.

openedx-ops: everything related to running Open edX. This includes installation issues, server management, cost analysis, and so on.

openedx-translation: everything related to translating Open edX into other languages. This includes volunteer translators, our internationalization infrastructure, issues related to Transifex, and so on.

openedx-analytics: everything related to analytics in Open edX.

edx-code: anything else related to Open edX. This includes feature requests, idea proposals, refactorings, and so on.

The mailing lists are moderated by edX employees. Use good judgment in sending messages to the mailing lists — if you send unacceptable content, you may be banned from posting to the mailing list.


Chat on Slack

Our real-time conversations are on Slack. You can request a Slack invitation automatically, then join our community Slack workspace.