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Certificate and Track Information in Course Grade Reports

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The challenge - Course teams need to know which enrollment tracks their learners have signed up for and, if learners are on the verified track or professional track, whether they have been ID-verified on In addition, course teams want visibility into the certificate status of their learners.

The solution - New columns have been added to the grade report that course teams can download from the instructor dashboard in the LMS.

Enhanced Grade Report

The grade report that course teams can download from the instructor dashboard in the LMS has been enhanced with learners' certificate and enrollment track information.

New columns in the grade report are:

  • Enrollment Track -- This column indicates the enrollment track for each learner (honor, verified, professional)
  • Verification Status -- For verified and professional education track learners only, this column indicates whether they have performed ID verification on
  • Certificate Eligible -- This column indicates whether a learner is eligible for a certificate, based on his or her grade (passing or not) at the time that this grade report is generated.
  • Certificate Delivered -- This column indicates whether certificates have been delivered to learners.
  • Certificate Type -- The type of certificate that each learner earned (honor, verified). If a learner is not eligible for a certificate or if the certificates for a course have not yet been generated, the  value in this column is "N/A".

Grade report in Excel, with the newly added column headings circled

To generate a grade report for your course, in the LMS select "Instructor" then select "Data Download". Click "Generate Grade Report".

Generate Grade Report button on LMS

When the report is ready for download, a link becomes available in the table below the button.

Table of reports available for download, with a report link circled

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