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Creative Commons Licensing for Courses and Videos

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The challenge - Course authors need to be able to communicate to learners what rights they have to use course content and videos outside of the course. Learners need to understand their rights.

The solution - Course authors can use Studio to specify a license for course content overall, and for each video in a course.  Course authors can select All Rights Reserved or different options for a Creative Commons license. Learners then see a visual representation of the license in the courseware and in videos that have a different license. 

The Value of Using the Creative Commons License

As a course author, you put a lot of time and energy into developing content for your MOOC. You retain all rights to your work and learners cannot use your content outside of the course.

However, in some cases, you might want to provide learners with the option to use content or specific videos in other contexts, subject to certain restrictions.

With the release of Creative Commons licensing, you can now easily specify learners' rights as you set up your course and videos in Studio. Likewise, you can ensure learners see information about their rights directly in the Learning Management System. For example, you can indicate that while all rights are reserved for course content in general, learners are allowed to share a specific video for non-commercial purposes.

Set Up Your Course and Videos

When you set up a new course, you specify the license for all course content on the Settings & Details page in Studio. For example, you can select a Creative Commons license, then select the options applicable to your course.

In addition, you might have videos for which you want to specify a different license.  You can override the course-wide license on the Advanced tab for each video component.

Show Learners Their Rights

When you configure the course license, learners see the license on each page in the courseware.

If you've specified a license for a video, learners see that information at the bottom of the video component.

For Creative Commons, learners can select the license to go to the Creative Commons website for more information.

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