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Digital Badges

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The challenge - Learners are proud of completing online courses, but do not have a way to share their achievements.

The solution - Courses can now offer learners digital badges that they can share on sites such as Mozilla Backpack. NOTE: Badge generation depends on certificate generation; the digital certificate workflow must be enabled on your Open edX platform for badges to be available.

Digital Badges

Courses on Open edX by default have digital badges enabled. When digital certificates are generated for a course, badges are automatically generated at the same time. Badges contain meta information about the learner to whom the badge was awarded, and the course for which the badge was awarded. Learners receive a badge at the same time as they receive a course certificate. From the web page on which they view their certificates, learners have the option of sharing the badge representing that course achievement to a badging site such as Mozilla Backpack.

The Open edX platform supports Open Badges, an open standard originally developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

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Teaching and Learning Tools
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ReleasedOpen edX Only
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FY2015 Q4