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Digital Course Certificates

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The challenge - Certificates are important to course team and learners who earn them, but the certificate generation process was manual and complex, involving many people and steps for each course. The workflow was highly specific to and lacked flexibility for applying to Open edX courses.
Learners who earned certificates for courses did not have a way to share their achievements online.

The solution - The new digital certificates workflow gives course teams more control of generating certificates for their course.
After the feature is configured on the platform and base templates have been set up (Open edX), course teams can manage certificate metadata and assets in Studio.
When digital certificates are generated, learners view them in a browser page and have the ability to print their certificates, share them on LinkedIn, or upload a badge representing their achievement to badge sharing sites such as Mozilla Backpack.

Digital Certificates

In Studio, course teams configure certificates for their course, including uploading the organization logo, specifying the signatories that appear on the course certificate, and optionally, specifying a different (for example, shorter) version of the official course title for the certificate. For verified certificates, course teams can also upload a signature image for each signatory.

Course teams can preview the way that configured certificates would look to learners in the enrollment tracks that are available for the course. When course team members are satisfied with the appearance of the certificates, they activate the configuration, making it available for use in generating certificates.

Instructors or course authors can notify Operations/IT when they want certificates to be issued for their course. A recommended timeframe is generally 24 hours after the course ends.

Learners in self-paced courses can access their certificate as soon as they meet the course requirements for a certificate. In instructor-led courses, certificates are available after certificates are generated for their course.

When learners become eligible for certificates, a View Certificate button appears on the learner dashboard for the course, where their current grade is shown. Clicking the button takes learners to a web view of their HTML certificate, where learners have the options of printing their certificate, sharing it on their LinkedIn profile, or sharing a digital badge representing their achievement to a badge display site such as Mozilla Backpack.

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ReleasedOpen edX Only
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FY2015 Q4