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Learner Profiles

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The challenge - Learners and staff would like to establish personal identities on edX, express course or learning goals, and find community members with common interests.

The solution - The new edX Profile feature allows anyone with an edX account to create a personal profile and share the profile with other members of the edX community.

EdX Profiles

With the new edX Profile feature, learners and staff can share personal information with one another and find other community members with common interests. A profile can include an identifying image, location and language information, and a paragraph that describes the learner's or staff member's background, goals, or other information. Anyone with an edX account can create a profile by selecting her username in the upper right corner of every edX page and then selecting My Profile.

Learners and staff can share either a full profile or a limited profile. A limited profile shows only a username and profile image. If a user has not uploaded a profile image, other learners and staff see the default profile image.

Learners and staff find other learners' and staff members' profiles through the course discussions. To see another user's profile, a learner or staff member selects a username in a discussion, then selects that username again on the user's Active Threads page. 

For more information about profiles, see Exploring the Profile Page in Building and Running an edX Course. TheedX Guide for Students also includes the Exploring the Profile Page topic.

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