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New Per-Problem Grade Report

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The challenge - Course teams need to see learners' scores at the problem level. The existing grade report summarizes learners' scores only at the assignment (homework, lab, midterm, final) level.

The solution - A new "Problem Grade Report" is available from the instructor dashboard in the LMS.

The New Problem Grade Report

Course team members now have access to details about learners' performance at the problem level. The new problem grade report shows, for each learner, the earned vs. possible score for each graded problem in the course. The cumulative final grade, expressed as a decimal, is also shown for each learner.

Problem Grade Report opened in Excel. Column heads are circled.

Generating a Problem Grade Report

To generate a problem grade report for your course, in the LMS select "Instructor" then select "Data Download". Click "Generate Problem Grade Report".

Generate Problem Grade Report button circled

When the report is ready for download, a link becomes available in the table below the button.

Reports Available for Download table, with a report link circled

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