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Performance on ungraded problems in edX Insights

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The challenge - Course teams need to see the answers that learners submit for initial assessments, practice problems, surveys, and other questions that do not count toward the course grade. 

The solution - The Performance lens of edX Insights now includes an Ungraded Problems option.

The Value of Ungraded Problem Submission Data

You can now learn more about the students who enroll in your course by exploring the answers that they give for practice exercises, initial assessments, surveys, and other questions that do not count toward the course grade. EdX Insights includes charts and reports of student performance on both graded and ungraded questions.

Increase Visibility into Learner Preparedness 

Evaluating responses to ungraded questions in the first section or two of a course can help you assess the level of preparation that your learners have. Do they demonstrate mastery of prerequisite material? At a more basic level, are they able to engage with the courseware and complete assessments successfully?

In addition, comparing performance on practice exercises to performance on similar questions in a graded quiz or exam can help you evaluate whether each of those the questions has the level of difficulty you want. Are more incorrect answers submitted for an exam than for a practice exercise? Do the practice exercises provide appropriate incremental reinforcement for the coursework?

Increase Course Quality

Reviewing the answers that students submit to your questions can reveal unclear wording, errors in problem setup, and other issues. In this graph of the answers to an Observations in Astronomy question, for example, you might want to make sure that it is clear to learners that their answers should include only numbers: "90" is marked as a correct answer, but "90%" is marked as incorrect. 

Screen image with the 12 most frequently provded answers to anumeric input question

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