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Student Notes

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Student notes enhance engagement by enabling learners to highlight text and add personal notes to course content.

When a learner can make notes on text, the learner sees a blue pencil icon in the bottom-right corner of the page.

Course content with the Pencil icon to add notes

Note: Learners can make notes on most text in the body of the course. However, the student notes feature is currently not available for exercises, video transcripts, or PDF textbooks.

When a learner selects text, a pencil icon appears above the selected text. The learner clicks the icon to open the note editor and then enters text.

Adding a note to course content

After the learner saves the note, the note is available whenever the learner returns to that course content.

A learner can also view and search all his or her notes in the course on the Notes tab. The learner can click the link under Noted in to return to the note in the body of the course.

Notes tab


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Teaching and Learning Tools
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ReleasedOpen edX Only
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FY2015 Q3