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Tags for Notes

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Part of a course page showing a student note that includes three tags.


The challenge: When learners create notes about courseware, they need an easy way to categorize the notes. Additionally, if learners make many notes in a course, they might want to see all of their notes about a particular topic at one time.

The Notes page sorted by tags, with the most frequently used tags appearing first in the list.

The solution: Learners can now add tags to their notes that help them organize and find their notes more easily. When learners view their notes on the Notes page, they can sort their notes by tags, with the most frequently used tags appearing first in the list. 

The Value of Tags for Notes

Increase Learner Satisfaction and Improve Learner Outcomes

Tags help increase learner satisfaction and improve outcomes by making notes about course content easy to find. Instead of having to scroll through a list of notes organized either by date added or location in the course, learners can locate all notes that have a particular tag easily. Tagging notes can also help learners to identify themes and similar ideas in course content.

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Teaching and Learning Tools
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ReleasedOpen edX Only
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FY2015 Q3