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The Open edX platform provides you with a fully managed and branded experience through a monthly subscription model.

All of our fully managed service partners offer a 30-day trial.
Experience Open edX platform live and get to know additional capabilities.
Choose one of the Open edX platform offerings provided by our Service Partners:

  • OpenCraft

    OpenCraft provides high quality open-source development and hosting, with a focus on project contributions and long-term maintainability. We work on projects of all sizes, with clients such as Harvard, edX, MIT, Arizona State University, Cloudera, multiple government agencies, and many more.

    • We have a long-standing relationship with edX® as contractors and development partners. They trust us to deliver the same quality as they would.
    • We were the first and are the biggest external contributor to the Open edX platform. We have delivered more than 1,000 contributions to the Open edX code base on behalf of our clients, allowing the whole community to benefit from those new features.
    • OpenCraft is publicly recognized as a leader in the Open edX community. Many of our team members are involved in the technical and general governance of the Open edX project. 

    OpenCraft Fully-Managed SaaS solution

    Choose from our fully-managed Open edX hosting plans, pre-installed and ready to use. Get access to theming, custom integrations, XBlocks, analytics, mobile apps, e-commerce, top-tier support and more from our first-class Open edX platform expert team.

    Our offering is unique among Open edX providers – we provide a fully dedicated Open edX site with all our pricing tiers, giving you absolute control over your platform. Dedicated sites allow more customizations, superuser admin access, the highest data security, and full data exports. No technical skills are needed; we handle the technology, so you can focus on creating and delivering courses!

    • Our Pro & Teacher plan is tailored for organizations looking for a full-featured Open edX site at an affordable price with a branded theme. This plan comes at a single monthly subscription fee based on the number of monthly active users, with an unlimited number of courses.
    • The Institutional plan is our premium offering for organizations who need more customization possibilities and advanced features like comprehensive theming, e-commerce, single sign-on, edX Insights analytics, dedicated mobile apps, and more. The Institutional plan also comes with a priority maintenance plan and direct support from our senior developers.

    30-day Free Trial:

    Features and prices:

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  • eduNext

    eduNEXT delivers fully featured and cost efficient Open edX cloud subscriptions as well as professional open edX services, custom extensions and integrations, Theming, and ongoing Support.

    Our Open edX SaaS subscriptions provide:
    • Automation: Get your site up and running in minutes and manage it by yourself using the exclusive eduNEXT Management Console.
    • Complete functionality: All the power of the latest version of Open edX platform, including the Open edX LMS, Studio, Open edX ecommerce, Open edX Insights, multiple XBlocks, more than 13 languages, multisite capabilities, mobile apps.
    • Extended capabilities: Added branding and customization options, extra features, APIs and integration possibilities to cover the capabilities most requested by organizations already using Open edX platform.
    • Flexibility: with 4 types of subscription, including a free LITE subscription with no time restrictions.
    • Cost efficiency: Affordable pricing, based only on the number of Monthly ACTIVE users.
    • Professional Support: Guaranteed service performance and a team of experts by your side to help you move your initiative forward.

    Get the most out of Open edX technology, at the best price and with minimum technical effort to take your online courses beyond.

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  • Edly

    Collaborating with edX since 2013, Edly is proud to be the largest and amongst the earliest technology and service partners for Open edX platform. Building next-generation eLearning platforms, Edly enables learning the way you want. Our client’s roster includes edX, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, World Bank, PayPerks, UCSD, Philanthropy University, Unizin, and other leading organizations from around the world. 

    All Edly Cloud plans include:

    • Completely customizable course discovery website
    • Fully managed LMS platform
    • Branding and white-labeling support
    • eCommerce integration
    • Custom domain name
    • Unlimited courses and staff users
    • One on One Training
    • Best-in-class customer support
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Free 30 days trial (no commitment required)

    To learn more about what Edly can do for you, book a live demo

    Questions? Drop us a line at

  • Learniphi

    We are an eLearning company based in Ahmedabad (India) established before 5 years. We provide end-to-end eLearning solutions and specialize in the innovative use of technology. We designed and developed products for different educational institutes, universities, and corporates.

    We are working on product development as well as providing services to our clients. We have our own LMS system, which is based on Open edX platform where any of the instructor can register them self and start teaching to their students, system is capable enough to cater massive crowd.

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  • MOOCit

    MOOCit offers the most powerful and flexible tools to design, animate and distribute your online training. Whether you are launching a MOOC, a SPOC, a digital university, an enterprise LMS platform or a blended training, MOOCit solutions and services bring you an unparalleled level of functionality, allowing you to create the best digital learning experiences.

    Announced as a revolution, MOOC at least initiated the digital transformation of training activities. Some of the most innovative companies, universities, associations and training organizations are growing with MOOCit.

    The hype is gone, time for real practitioners.

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  • Appsembler

    Appsembler makes it easy to deliver immersive learning experiences with the Open edX platform. Trusted since 2015 as one of the earliest Open edX Service providers, Appsembler powers online learning for the world’s most forward-thinking organizations including Akamai, Redis Labs, Arizona State University, and more.

    Open edX SaaS solution

    Tahoe, Appsembler’s easy-to-use SaaS solution, lets you easily build a robust, fully-branded Open edX site within minutes and deliver courses to your learners. Skip the IT headaches, scale your training, and engage your learners with ease.

    • No coding or expertise required. 100% white-label.
    • Hosting, training, maintenance, professional support, and upgrades included.
    • No hidden fees, no setup fees, and the #1 support team in online training.
    • Try our 30-day free trial.
    • Get a live demo.

    Learn more:

  • Bluenxt

    Organisations today are facing a SKILLS EMERGENCY and need a SKILLS REVOLUTION as a response.
    bluenxt is a Futuristic ConsulTech helping progressive organizations, institutions and governments adopt a new Learning Architecture 4.0, to respond to the opportunities created by a new Future of Work.
    bluenxt brings in new strategic learning and emerging technological capabilities, perspectives and expertise to help redefine your learning models and approaches.
    bluenxt offers Transformational Consulting, Learning Experience Platform Development, Customization & Services. Digital, BOT and AI Services is our core capability.
    bluenxt co-creates success, while answering questions around how to start, where to start and how to manage the full life cycle of digital learning transformation.

    Connect with our winning team for:

    • A 30 day Free Trail and Live Demo.  
    • Cloud Subscription Based Learning Platform.
    • Your Own Digital Learning Academy.

    Partner with us to Win the War of Talent.

    Mobile: +918888441155

  • Millicent

    Launch your courses using LMS powered by the Open edX platform in simple steps:

    1. Create your account

    2. Customize your UI with available themes

    3. Start a Trial Run for 30 days

    4. Create and Test your courses

    5. Upgrade your subscription to launch your courses

    While we manage the servers, their software and Open edX apps, you can just focus on creating and launching your courses. You can use the standard functionality available with Open edx LMS, Studio, Insights, e-commerce and mobile apps. You can brand these apps for your own company, configure for your domain and Customize the themes of LMS and e-commerce. We can help you in LTI integration, Third Party Authorization and using the Enrollment API to integrate with your LMS. We can also help you in deploying the LMS for multiple organizations and languages.

    Mobile: +91 9819441177

  • DRC Systems

    DRC Systems makes it easy to deliver great learning experiences using the Open edX platform. We are one of the earliest Open edX Service providers as we are serving since 2015, Our client includes top Universities/Institutes and corporates. Our offices are located in the USA, India and U.A.E.

    Open edX SaaS solution:

    DRC Systems SaaS solution helps Universities, Institutes, Corporates and Individuals to go live with their learning platform as fast as in 24 hours, Our solution allows you to use the power of Open edX technology with a fully branded platform to deliver courses to your learners without any IT headaches.

    • No coding or expertise required 
    • 100% white-label platform with your logo, colors and domain.
    • Excellent support & services
    • No hidden charges
    • No contract

    We take care of complete technical management including Implementation, Hosting, training, support & maintenance, and upgrades so you can focus on teaching.

    Feel free to reach us for a live demo.

  • Polarstern Education

    Polarstern Education guides you through setting up your Open edX platform, including LMS customization, content creation, in-depth data analytics, and marketing.
    Our 30-day free trial starts with an onboarding call. Our team will introduce you to the many functionalities of the Open edX platform and gather all necessary information for your custom Open edX site.

    We will cover the rest and enable your team to build engaging and highly-scalable courses. 
    Our trial is available as an on-premise or cloud installation, allowing you to fulfill the highest privacy requirements. 

    After our 30-day trial, we offer a flat fee to budget your project easily and add services like our course development process, media production, and marketing as your academy grows. We are allowing you to always have the right skills at hand.

    Schedule your onboarding call 

  • CloudSwyft

    CloudSwyft offers both fully-managed and “Software-as-a-Service” based extensively customizable Open edX learning platform bundled with vast number of technology and future ready skills online course programs along with its powerful hands-on labs technology. This is what makes CloudSwyft’s Open edX solution offerings more unique than other providers in the world.

    Phone: +639174620121
    Contact Name: Prince Billy Datu, VP of Sales

  • Graspway

    Graspway is a Cloud Learning Management System that operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, and it is designed to provide an easy-to-use and seamless learning experience. Zero code and technical skills needed to create your online learning site.

    It does not matter if you are alone, or if you have a training academy, or if you manage a talent development in a large company, or maybe if you need to create online courses at a university or business school. Graspway is for everyone, and it grows with you, highlighting the following features:

    • Standing on the shoulders of giants. The power of Open edX® platform with the ease of editing and publishing content of WordPress.
    • Comprehensive management. Manage your users, courses, assessments and certificates quickly and easily in one unified dashboard.
    • Data-driven powered. Explore and analyze the activity for learners, courses, group of courses with aggregated data, the power of Big Data & Analytics in your hands!. 
    • Quick start and pay-as-you-go. Create your site for online courses in minutes, and pay only for users who can access to active courses, and let’s grow!.
    • Grow without limits. Starting from tens of students to many thousands, it is a cloud-based service so there are no limits to grow, do it however you want..
    • e-Commerce available. Put a price on your courses, or certificates, or whatever you want, and sell online from WordPress with WooCommerce. 
    • Mobile app available. From the bus, the subway, in a park, let your students enjoy your online learning site with our mobile app for iOS or Android.
    • Extensible and integrable. You can create new functionalities or integrate external services if you create a site in your own space, you will have no limits!.
    • Private and isolated service option. If you require total isolation of data and infra for security or privacy reasons, we can provide it through a private space for you.

    Try our free trial.

    Learn more:

  • ABC Online Courses

    Since 2015, our company ABC Online Courses has been a trusted Open edX® service provider registered in England and Wales (UK) and Cape Town (South Africa). We develop custom Open edX® platforms for our global clients and provide all the fully-managed Open edX® services including installation, theming, hosting, customisation, the Open edX® mobile apps, system maintenance, cyber security, and course support. Many of our clients were established over 100 years ago and trust our team to host and manage their Open edX® platforms with integrity.

    Fully-Managed Open edX® Services
    Do you want to see what a fully-managed Open edX® platform looks like? Go ahead and explore our use cases to learn more about our fully-managed services.

    Plugins & Extensions
    There are many plugins and extensions available to customise your platform.

    Read testimonials from our clients who use our fully-managed Open edX® services to see if we are the right match for your organisation.

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    Contact us today to start your 30-day free trial where your course teams can practice building their own online courses using the Open edX® platform. No credit card required.

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