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Getting Help

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Have a question about Open edX? The Open edX team is dedicated to enabling the community to host, extend, and contribute to the edX platform to deliver world-class educational experiences. There are a number of different ways for you to get help and find the resources you need.

Online Resources

Technical Documentation

Our technical documentation is designed to help the community deploy, extend, and contribute to Open edX. Documentation is also available to help course teams build courses using our technology, and help learners engage with those courses. Our website includes guides to the features and functionality in the most recent Open edX release, and another set of guides to the latest, most up-to-date Open edX software.

Visit, or click on the Documentation link at the top navigation of this portal.

Courses (or, "MOOCs about MOOCs")

The website offers several self-paced MOOCs to help course teams get started with Studio and use the LMS to improve educational outcomes.

Community Discussions

Get questions answered by edX and the Open edX community via our community discussion resources, including mailing lists, chat and Twitter. All fall under our community discussion guidelines.

Mailing Lists

We strongly encourage joining one or more of the mailing lists to keep up with what's happening and participate in community discussions.

  • openedx-announce: announcements related to Open edX. This includes new releases, backwards-incompatible changes, public security fixes, and so on.
  • openedx-ops: everything related to running Open edX. This includes installation issues, server management, cost analysis, and so on.
  • openedx-translation: everything related to translating Open edX into other languages. This includes volunteer translators, our internationalization infrastructure, issues related to Transifex, and so on.
  • openedx-analytics: everything related to analytics in Open edX.
  • edx-code: anything else related to Open edX. This includes feature requests, idea proposals, refactorings, and so on.

Chat on Slack

Our real-time conversations are on Slack. You can request a Slack invitation automatically, then join our community Slack workspace.

A full public archive of the Open edX Slack workspace is also available.


Follow the Open edX community on Twitter at @OpenedX

Reporting Problems

If you want to report a technical problem with the Open edX software, JIRA is the place to do it. You will need to have an account and log in order to create a Jira issue. Here is some documentation for how to file a quality bug report. Note that edX does not use GitHub Issues.

Security Concerns/Questions

Security issues should be reported privately to [email protected].