Graspway is the EdTech funded by OpenSistemas and trusted through a partnership with Microsoft, in order to build a product and its surrounding marketplace to make Data-Driven online Training procedures, which ends up improving and developing people skills and knowledge within organizations. It’s also the name of the online training product built by the EdTech.

You can use Graspway on our cloud service or if you need (Subscription based), in your own infra (Deployment based):

  • Subscription based, or pay-per-use monthly, yearly or every three years over several plans. The platform is a cloud service in which every organization owns a private space where you can create managed entities apart from internal groups to each entity. This option already includes the update support and a support level on a SLA depending on the plan chosen. We recommend it for up to 15,000 students in active courses per year. It’s the best choice to minimice CapEx and maximice the flexibility.
  • Deployment based, or private latform for the organization. That is, a paid once product which requires an installation and configuration project and will depend on the infrastructure chosen being it public cloud or on-premise. Further adaptation or integration as well as yearly updates service or yearly technical support on a SLA are offered as optional services. We recommend it for more than 15,000 students in active courses per year or, if by regulations in your organization you cannot use external online services.

The product is built on the needs of dozens of clients and thousands of users, and is composed by integrating Open edX platform and WordPresss, apart from being strongly linked to DATA and LEARNING ANALYTICS. Getting activity records, KPIs, analytics and recommendations throught an easy-to-use Control Panel.

  • Activity record – Graspway is a data-driven product by keeping track of every action performed by students in a course such as visited places and time spent on each. This information is consolidated afterwards and is aggregated for courses, groups in which the organization is divided and the whole organization. To be able to see it in tables, graphs and export this information, it’s really relevant to be in compliance with training regulations, for internal or external audit processes.
  • KPIs and analytics – Graspway is data-driven to provide the organization with key performance indicators or KPI and analytics based upon activity. Both KPI and analytics are displayed to organization managers using role adapted dashboards which are constrained to the group of users they manage within the organization model. To be able to create processes (on boarding), and on them objectives, allows to optimize the performance of the training activities
  • Recommender system – Graspway is also data-driven by using machine learning technologies to output recommendations which are based on artificial intelligence algorithms applied to training processes. The Data Science product team is constantly researching this area which is already the present and the future of training processes based upon data. Do you want to improve the course while students are progressing?, do you want to do that to ger better editions in the future?. Such recommendations are those that the product provides to the training management team

It has never been so simple! You will never get more power doing Data-Driven Training.

A large number of organizations already use Graspway as their technological base for their in-Company training or online Course Catalog offer.

Supported by more than 600 courses, 500.000 students and 500 teachers, Graspway has been present at international events like the WebSummit 2018 at Lisbon or the Open edX Conf 2019 at UC San Diego, since 2014 to this year.

All of the above applies to four levels of data aggregation:

  1. Student
  2. Course
  3. Group of users
  4. Overall organization

Any data can be accessed according to these four levels, among which, they are related by links, being able to go from one level to the next with a simple click or by applying a filter in the corresponding view of the Control Panel.

All the awesome power of Open edX platform and its community extensions, complemented and improved with our own developments, our succesful experience of years in Business Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Services, integrated with the incredible and easy-to-use capabilities of WordPress, to change the look&feel and extend features with a theme and plugins, or getting them from its awesome and huge marketplace, doing adaptations following the needs of your organization.

The product as described above and much more, along with our customer service, adaptation services if you need them, and a SLA, is Graspway: Subscription online service or Deployment based.

Do you want to know more? Do you want a demo?. Pleasecome to experience it!.