We are an EdTech company. But, why should this interest me?, well… Invest in training is always a competitive advantage, are you achieving all the efficiency you could?, maybe your company is not as much productive as it could be, because you don’t have an optimized tool. Graspway is a product that integrates Open edX and WordPress with our own killer secret sauce: G-core. G-core is the only to manage all the training processes of your organization, from students to teachers and courses, training paths, progresses, certificates and see all what is happening. Become a Data Driven Powered Organization using Graspway. Do you want to try it?, come to www.graspway.com. We have a partnership with Microsoft, being our main investor OpenSistemas. Our main customers are Abbvie, IE Business School, Santillana Group, ICEA, SM Group, Ministry of Defence of Spain, UNED, Ministry of Education (Spain), Ministry of Tourism (Spain), Sorbonne University, Manchester University, Loyola University.