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Open edX Features and Roadmap

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For a one-page overview of the overall edX product roadmap, also see:

At edX, we are focused on the following goals:

  • Expand access to quality education for everyone, everywhere.
  • Enhance teaching and learning on campus and online.
  • Advance teaching and learning through research.

Along with the Open edX community, we are developing product features that advance these goals — and we are publishing information on our features so that our users can anticipate, plan for, and provide feedback on our direction. See the following pages to view and comment on features, and subscribe to email updates when the status of a feature changes. 

Feature Status Description
Roadmap features Features that are planned for or in progress.
Released features Features that are completed and available for use.
Beta features Features that are available for early testing and that are not yet supported for production use.
Deprecated features Features that were available for use but are no longer supported because they've been supplanted by more recent enhancements.

We look forward to your feedback!