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Submission Process

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Primary goals of Open edX are to encourage and facilitate development efforts in the wider community, to maintain the highest code quality standards, and to seamlessly integrate contributions into the Open edX codebase.  To that end, we have created detailed process documentation.

Contributions to Open edX are very welcome, but for legal reasons, you must submit a signed individual contributor’s agreement before we can accept your contribution.  Also, please see the edX Website Accessibility Policy, which may apply to your contributions.

We encourage you to interact with the Open edX community and the edX Open Source team before you actually submit code. This interaction will help you define requirements, understand where your contribution fits on the roadmap, and find collaborators.  

When your have completed code changes, you submit pull requests with with changes to Open edX, just as edX engineers do. Your pull request is triaged and prioritized by the edX Product team, reviewed by the Engineering team, and documented by the Documentation team. This process can take a few weeks, and we encourage you to keep the lines of communication open while your contribution goes through this process.