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The edX Hosting Architecture

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Feanil Patel, DevOps Engineer at edX, discusses how edX deploys and runs the edX Platform for millions of students on He covers the components of the platform, supporting applications, security, reliability, scalability, and how to start with a small deployment and grow your system.

Feanil Patel is a Devops Engineer at edX and one of the core contributors to the edX configuration repo. He works daily to maintain and improve the infrastructure behind the destination site and enjoys being able to share those tools with the open source community so that other deployments of OpenEdx can also benefit. Feanil has a diverse work background working both in industry and in research settings previously at companies such as MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Motorola. Feanil graduated from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign with a BsE in Computer Science.

Download the presentation slides below.

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