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MOOCS, Learning, and Pedagogy

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Piotr Mitros discusses MOOCs, learning, and pedagogy.

As chief scientist at edX, Piotr Mitros is charged with developing and applying technology to optimize the learning process. His teaching experience around the world has given him a unique perspective on education. As a graduate student, Piotr took breaks from his thesis to spend time teaching in China, working in India, and facilitating educational technology projects in Nigeria. His observations of university systems in the developing world inspired Piotr to find ways to leverage peer teaching and distance learning to dramatically increase access to education. Following a stint in industry as an analog designer, most recently at start-up Rhythmia Medical where he designed the analog front end for a novel medical imaging modality, Piotr returned to MIT to help lead the creation of the original MITx platform. He brings a broad interdisciplinary background that combines teaching, engineering, computer science, and math, and has been interested in teaching and education since he was a child. Piotr enjoys making things — curtains, bicycle parts, electronics, furniture, and speakers. Piotr holds a B.S. in math and electrical engineering, a M.S. in EECS, and a Ph.D. in EECS, all from MIT.

This talk covers:

  • How the affordances of the edX platform enable a range of evidence-based pedagogies
  • Key pedagogical components of the platform, such as immediate feedback, active learning, constructive learning, self-regulated learning, and remediation of common misconceptions
  • Preliminary results on both student learning outcomes and student satisfaction from use of edX in both blended and pure on-line settings.
Video Transcript (Captions):